Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sun 15 Sep 2013 01:33
41:28.8N 71:19.6W
We stopped off at Newport to show Camilla the Newport Mansions.  This time we were at anchor rather than on a mooring ball.
We didn’t realize that our visit coincided with the Newport Boat Show, so, after running Camilla up to Boston to fly home, Andrea and I stayed on to visit the boat show.  Mark (At Last) was working at the show and Janet came up to help him on Saturday, so we met up with them and arranged to visit them a couple of days later in Mystic.  We ended up staying for 6 days in Newport.
We came into Newport along the coast to see the mansions from the sea. (This is Breakers)
Camilla snapped some pretty sunsets while we were at anchor
September is apparently a busy month for cruise liners visiting Newport.  Three visited while were there, including Queen Mary 2.
All the new yachts dressed up for the boat show.