Lizard Island

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sat 18 Aug 2012 10:02
14:39,7S 145:27.1E
After an overnight reef-dodging run up from Cairns we are now anchored at Lizard Island, in Watsons bay. 
This morning we went snorkelling on a reef called the clam garden.  In the afternoon we walked up to the highest point of the island, Cook's Lookout.  Captain Cook anchored here and walked to the highest point to try and work out how to get out of the "labrynth of reefs".  In the end he found a way out (Cooks passage), sailed for a while outside the reef and then decided it was better to be inside the reef and came back in through Providence Channel.
Cook called this Lizard Island because the only animals he saw on the island were monitor lizards.  We were lucky enough to see a lizard on our walk up the island.
A giant clam in the clam garden
The crew at Cook's lookout
Looking down on Anastasia and some other boats in Watsons Bay
The lagoon at the south side of Lizard Island
The monitor lizard we saw on our walk up the island