Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Thu 10 May 2012 06:19
16:36.4S 151:33.5W
We are currently anchored off Motu TauTau which houses the exclusive Hotel Taha'a.  Andrea and I went there for lunch and nearly got politely ejected from the restaurant because we were not hotel guests.  However, the manager made an exception for us, partly I suspect because we had already started on our drinks.  It meant that they had to open an account for us at the front desk so they could generate a bill at the end of the meal.  But it was a very nice lunch.
We came to Tahaa because it was recommended to us (by Serendipity) as having an excellent snorkelling site,  We were not disappointed.  The place is called the Coral Garden and it lies between two motus.  You walk to the seaward side of the passage and then drift in on the tide, in about two feet of water,  It is just like lying down in a huge aquarium and drifting along.
A still camera can't do justice to the amazing colors and varieties of fish and coral, but here are some attempts to capture the beauty of the place (obviously excluding the first one which is just to show how shallow it is).