It's official

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sat 5 Nov 2011 19:38
This morning we moved over from the waiting dock into our proper space on pantalan T.  There was still a bit of a crosswind but Andrea assures me that it was just the fenders that took all the punishment.  At least the grumpy Spanish guy was on the upwind side and had no reason for complaint.  (Unfortunately, being downwind means we really suffer when he pumps out his raw sewage into the marina.  Totally disgusting.)  The occupants of the downwind boat arrived just after we had finished using the side of their boat as a shoehorn, so they were more friendly than they might have been otherwise.
With Anastasia securely tied up we spent the rest of the morning chilling out.  Andrea cut my hair for me so I don't look quite so wild.  After a leisurely lunch at the Sailors bar we waved goodbye to Rebecca, Algy and Jonathan.
And then...
It was time to register for the ARC.  Anastasia is officially number 65.