The ARC get-together

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sun 29 Apr 2012 08:15
Wednesday was the day of the official World ARC get-together.
It kicked off with a demonstration of a traditional sailing canoe.  Sorry, there was no angle to get blue water and palm trees in the background.  Papeete is a fairly large port, so mostly the views here are of ferries and container ships.
The canoe demonstration was followed by a useful briefing on the other Society Islands.  We will be visiting several of these in the next couple of weeks, as we work our way to the next rendezvous in Bora Bora.
Then we moved on to Papeete town hall where the mayor greeted us and we were entertained by Polynesian dancers.
The dancers presented us with leaves to attach to our bowsprits, which will bring us luck in the coming voyages.
And there was a good supply of drinks and nibbles.