Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sat 9 Aug 2014 01:29
13:00.2N 61:14.6W
Bequia out of season has the air of a ghost town.  There are dozens of cruising yachts anchored in the bay, but the cruisers tend to hang around on their boats rather than go into town to shop for t-shirts and souvenirs, and most of the restaurant owners haven’t worked out that they need an off-season price list.
More interesting than Bequia itself was our day trip to visit the old whaling ruins on Petit Nevis.
Sometimes you just have to sit and wait for the green flash
The whacky architecture of the ruined “Moon Hole” resort, on the way over to Petit Nevis.
(Abandoned when a boulder fell through the roof and crushed someone’s bed.)
The ruins of a pair of fire pits, used for rendering whale blubber
I thought the shortcut would be a bit shallow for Anastasia.  The captain of the “Love Divine” had no such qualms.
(Apparently he got confused and thought he was rounding the point rather than cutting through the gap.) 
Somebody decided to build some sculptures on Petit Nevis.  I think this one is a ship, Andrea reckons a whale
The island is deserted, no signs of any house.  Why build a wall halfway across a barren hill?