Happy St Patrick's Day

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sun 18 Mar 2012 05:52
9:47.7S 129:03.4W  2502 miles covered
Happy St Patrick's Day to all, and Happy Birthday to Denise.  Nothing much happened here today.  We re-packed the asymmetric spinnaker in its sock, to fix a problem with it refusing to snuff.  Andrea made more banana bread.  Andrea and Bertie had a half-hour argument about what percentage of fat is present in whole milk.  The crew celebrated St Patrick's day by drinking some of the Irish whiskey that Ian left on board, so I am not getting much out of them in terms of serious blog contributions.
One thing you may not know about flying fish is that they are incredibly smelly.  Andrea was sitting on the trampoline reading a book when she smelt something, looked up to see what it was and it was a big flock of fish flying past.  That is how much news we can come up with for today.
Every day it seems like we are about four days from the Marquesas.  A couple of days ago we had 800 miles to go and we were travelling at 200 miles a day.  Today we have 500 miles to go and we are doing about 130 miles a day.  We feel like the frog that repeatedly hops half the distance to its destination (and never actually gets there).