You can't have too much lobster? (not for reading by Estella's mum)

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Mon 16 Jan 2012 23:56
This morning we were visited by several Kuna Indians selling stuff. 
Our first visitors were father and son, paddling granny out to the boats to sell her needlework.  I bought an applique shirt for $20 which must have taken the old lady several days to sew.
Then we had two kids selling lobsters.  We had seen them earlier, walking around the reef harvesting them.  They were quite small lobsters so I thought two each would be fine and asked how much for 8 lobsters ("quanto cuesta ocho" in my best spanish).  The boys suggested $25 which seemed like a reasonable price, but then they countered with $40 for all the 21 lobsters they had caught, which seemed like too much of a bargain to pass up.
Two hours in the freezer, ten minutes in the pot and here they are on the table with the garlic butter.  There were five lobsters each, but Bertie and Andrea ate six because Estella only had four.  Delicious. 
Bertie is feeling stuffed and thinking he ate one too many.  Andrea reckons six was spot on, but is ready for a nap, which I suspect was more down to the white wine we drank with the lobsters.