Newport, Rhode Island

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Thu 1 Aug 2013 15:37
41:28.5N 71:19.6W
We arranged to meet up with Lew and Corinne (Brizo) in Newport.  Lew is a member of the prestigious New York Yacht Club and he arranged a mooring ball for Anastasia for a couple of days, in a prime location right outside the club.  We had a great time there, catching up with the Wallners.  They took us to a gala dinner at the New Bedford whaling museum and to visit a couple of the “summer cottages” (Newport Mansions) built by the Vanderbilts during the “gilded age” of the early 1900s.
On the Sunday we met up with Mark and Janet (At Last) who drove up from Mystic for a visit.  They did not know that we were in Newport, so Lew and Corinne sat them down on the yacht club terrace while we hid around the corner.  It was about five minutes before Mark exclaimed “Anastasia”, which was our signal to jump out and greet them.  Then we all went out for arcade games and seafood, another fun evening.
Anastasia moored in front of the New York Yacht Club
Anastasia, Brizo and At Last outside the yacht club
On the terrace of Breakers, one of the biggest of the Newport summer cottages