Hiking in Carriacou

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Mon 5 Sep 2016 22:42
12:27.5N  61:29.4W
After our trip to Union Island for diesel and kitesurfing, we returned to Carriacou for a few days.  Tyrell Bay is a comfortable anchorage and it is just too easy to just sit around on the boat stiffening up, so we decided to repeat the hike up Chapeau Carre that we did almost exactly two years ago.
The view is just as fabulous from the top
The land reclamation in Tyrell bay is progressing.  The are pile driving an outer barrier, presumably for the marina.
There are various grassy areas on the hill and presumably these have been favourite picnic spots over the centuries, because Andrea kept finding fragments of pottery on the ground.  Look at all the different patterns.  You wonder what ships’ captains had their crew trekking the dinner service up the hill in order that they could dine up there in the cool breeze.