Indian Ocean - Day 5

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sat 6 Oct 2012 12:15
14:30.4S 080:56.9E  950 miles covered, 1390 to go
The sun shone for much of today, but the waves are getting bigger and anyone trying to sunbathe would soon have been drenched by the spray.  It is also getting colder as we move further south so everyone was sitting around inside reading and doing crossword puzzles.
The painted wooden parrot we got in St Lucia fell off his perch.  Well, to be more precise, his perch fell off with him on it.  The string chafed through.  Chafe is a recurring problem on ocean passages, but usually it is more a problem with the rigging than with the parrot perch. 
Andrea made scones today, so she must be getting very bored.
The trampoline this morning was like someone had tipped a tin of sardines over it.  The waves keep splashing onto the netting and the flying fish get strained out.  It is a shame they are too bony to be worth eating.  One poor little guy, not more than a centimetre long, was thrown up onto our cabin hatch and has been stuck there all day.
Bit of a slow news day really.
A baby flying fish just hanging around