Yay, two working engines

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Tue 16 Jun 2015 23:46
This morning we were sitting at the dock biting our fingernails, wondering if a shipment addressed to Port de Case Pilote, GB would actually reach us in Martinique.  But at 1:30 pm the package arrived, the injectors that I ordered were the correct ones and and at 3 pm both engines started on the first attempt.  Yay. 
(Andrea says I am being a bit premature, that she will believe they are fixed when we have been motoring for a few hours.)
Many thanks to the guys at Inboard Diesel, to Cedric for his meticulous work on the engines and to Frank and Beatrice for communicating our urgent need to the local UPS office (who delivered the injectors 36 hours before their scheduled delivery time).
Tomorrow noon we set sail for Grenada.  We should arrive on Thursday morning, with plenty of time to catch our flight on Saturday.