Another starry night

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sat 17 Mar 2012 04:49
10:15.7S 127:00.2W  2375 miles covered
We were listening to the BBC world service last night and they were talking about the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, which is dominating the night sky at the moment.  Together they are so bright that they create a silver glow on the surface of the sea, in the same way that a full moon does. 
The BBC was also talking about the transit of Venus across the sun, which is apparently a very rare event that happens about once a century.  What they didn't mention, but Andrea found in the Tahiti guide book, is that Captain Cook's first visit to Polynesia in 1769 was to observe the transit of Venus across the sun.  Interesting coincidence. 
Currently sitting in 7 knots of wind, we are proceeding towards the Marquesas at 3.6 knots.  700 miles to go, 192 hours, 8 days at this rate.  We are hoping the wind picks up soon.