Holiday with friends

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sun 24 Feb 2019 21:21
So we got almost everything fixed (still no instruments on starboard engine) and set sail for the Grenadines.  First stop was Bequia, to clear in and visit the town.  Then on to Saltwhistle Bay to eat lobster on the beach. 
Yesterday we spent the night in Tobago Cays with the wind gusting to 30 knots.  Good job the holding is good there.  The wind is at 60 degrees right now.  Fingers crossed that it drops and veers in the next couple of days, or we are in for a rough passage back to St Lucia.
In the Tobago Cays we decided to walk up to the top of the little island (Baradel) behind the turtle sanctuary.
to take in the views of Canouan to the north
and Carriacou (behind Ian, Denise and Anastasia), to the south.
We had seen iguanas here before, and once again a couple came out to see if we had food.
The climb down was a bit steeper than the route up.
And finally we swam with the turtles
We are presently anchored at Union Island, preparing for cocktails on Happy Island, followed by catch of the day in the Waterfront restaurant.