Calabash Bay Long Island

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Thu 20 Jun 2013 16:49
23:38.9N 75:20.2W
Calabash bay is another example of the Bahamian bays that feel like anchoring in a swimming pool.  We anchored in 2.5m of crystal clear water over a pure sand bottom.  The yellow of the sand blends with the blue of the water producing a brilliant turquoise, greener where the sand is banked up and the water is more shallow.   You can actually navigate by water colour, finding a deeper route between the sandbanks by going for the bluer channels.
We managed to anchor fairly close to the Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort and it was all that the web site promised it would be.  Still and “out island” feel to it, but good food and wine, and reasonably priced for a fairly exclusive beach resort.  They welcome cruisers and happy hour cocktails are just $5, with complimentary conch fritters.
The only downside was that there was no dinghy dock and so we had to launch the tender off the beach, but it was dark when we had finished our meal so I just took off my trousers and Andrea tucked her elegant dress into her bra.  No problem.
m_santa maria resort
View of the beach resort from Anastasia