Down to the Pacific

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Thu 26 Jan 2012 03:20
8:54.77N 79:31.68W
We entered the first of the downward locks (Pedro Miguel) at about 12:30, after a morning of motoring across the lake and through the Gaillard cut.  Some of the yachts had dawdled, not wanting to arrive too soon for our lock time, but the time was brought forward an hour and those boats ended having to race to catch up.  One yacht nearly missed the deadline, which would have meant trying to make up enough long lines to be able to go through on their own at a later time.  Fortunately the advisors on the other boats were persuaded to wait for them.
Between Pedro Miguel and Miraflores locks we had to wait some time for a tripper boat to enter the lock in front of us and we did not get into Miraflores until 7pm UK time.  Apologies to those who tried to see us on the webcam at 5pm (the time I put in the blog).
Here is a picture taken in the Miraflores lock over Anastasia's bow.  Ahead is another World ARC raft, with the catamaran Ensemble in the middle.