Ponce, Puerto Rico

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Fri 30 May 2014 23:46
17:58.0N 66:37.1W
Ponce is a major port on the south coast of Puerto Rico.  It is only about 14 miles from Gilligans Island, but with the wind on the nose and an adverse current we had do to about 27 miles through the water.  On our final tack there was a tanker hot on our heels, going about a knot faster than we were, but we heard him scheduling a time to pick up the pilot so we knew we could get in ahead of him OK. 
The anchorage is outside Ponce yacht club.  They have filled most of the available area with mooring balls but you can find space if you don’t mind anchoring at the mouth of the inlet.
Across from the yacht club is the boardwalk, La Guancha.  The boardwalk is lined with cafes and restaurants and is said to be very noisy at weekends. Fortunately we weren’t there for the weekend, so the music ended reasonably early.
When we were in Georgetown (Bahamas) Andrea went shopping with Annie (off No Rehearsal) and came back with some dress material.  We were just emailed a photo of the blouse Annie made with her material, so we made use of an empty stage at the end of the boardwalk for a photo shoot of the dress Andrea made.  (Yes, I was shocked too, that the material actually got turned into a dress, using the hand-held sewing machine we keep for emergencies!)
La Guancha boardwalk
Annie’s blouse being modelled in West Palm Beach
Andrea’s fashion show - “Poncing about in Ponce”