Salty Dawgs Day 2

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Wed 6 Nov 2013 19:04
32:17.0N 79:24.0W
We have had continual 25 to 30 knot winds from the north east.  A bit too strong for a spinnaker, so we have been sailing goose-winged with a reef in the main and the smaller genoa.  The seas are a bit confused around the gulf stream but the wind has been strong enough to keep the main pulling without crashing too much, even when surfing up to 15 knots.  We covered 213 miles yesterday, which is not bad given there has always been some current against us.
The wind has died down to 20 knots now and the parasailor is up.  We were out in T shirts on the foredeck putting it up.
A  big pod of dolphins has been with us for the past hour, just hanging out in our wake, slipstreaming their way against the current.  Groups will take it in turns to swim up to the bows and jump through the waves there.  So here you are, a couple of gratuitous photos of dolphins.