Escape River

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Tue 21 Aug 2012 11:31
10:57.5S 142:41.2E
Tonight we are anchored in "Escape River" for an brief overnight stop, assuming the crocodiles don't get us.  We arrived just after dark, which made it interesting trying to find a spot to anchor, given the charted depths did not seem to match the river bed at all.  We would have got here sooner but we blew out the new Parasailor yesterday and so we were just using the white sails, conserving the remaining spinnakers for an actual race leg.  
Dinner was pie and mash, followed by dessert wine and fortune cookies.
In the morning we set off at 6am to go to Thursday Island, which lies in a group of islands off the northern tip of Queensland.  To reach it we round Cape York (the northernmost point of the Australian mainland) and enter the Torres Strait (the gap between Australia and Papua New Guinea).
The day after tomorrow is the start of leg 8, from Thursday Island to Darwin.