What is DOAC?

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sat 28 Sep 2013 23:17
39:22.9N 74:25.3W
No it is not another airline acronym.  It is actually “Do AC”, the marketing phrase used on posters advertising Atlantic City, encouraging visitors to “do” the city.
We are here in Atlantic City after two day sails from New York, spending an afternoon at Belmar (Shark River) on the way.
AC actually has a good anchorage and the harbourmaster at the city marina was very welcoming, telling us we could tie up the tender for as long as we needed.  So we spent the whole day “doing” AC.
Andrea described Atlantic City as being like the illegitimate child of Las Vegas and Blackpool.  It has a huge (4 lane) boardwalk lined with a mixture of flashy casinos, designer malls, 99c stores, fast food outlets and fun fairs.
Obviously the main attractions for sea gypsies were the bargains to be had.
Our treasures from the shopping expedition
This is actually a painting of an old curiosity shop, where you viewed babies in incubators for 25c
The funfair on Steel Pier
The new (and bankrupt) Revel casino building that looks like it will blow over in a storm