Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Wed 6 Mar 2013 01:11
3:43.1S 038:31.8W
The marina at Fortaleza is med-style, mooring being done stern to the pontoon with the anchor holding you off.  The problem is getting your anchor to hold in the slime.  We tried to lay our anchor twice, dragging it about 80 meters both times, and in the end we ran a shore line across to the seawall instead of using our anchor.  I dived to take a look and the anchor was happily sitting on its side in about two feet of slime, dragging nearer every time we pulled on it.  I guess it is just the wrong type of anchor for slime.  The shore line was obstructing other boats, but the marina staff attached a couple of lumps of iron to it to sink it and now the other boats can come and go just as if it was anchor chain.
Today we went on a dune buggy ride with various other adventure rides along the way.  We were offered other trips, a three beach tour, a city tour, or a trip to the mountains, but the general consensus was that we needed the excitement of sliding down sand dunes on planks so that is what we went for.  The dune buggy ride itself was more exhilirating than I expected and in addition we had dune boarding, water slides and zip lines to keep the adrenalin flowing.  An exciting morning, topped off by lunch and then body surfing the waves at the beach at Cumbuco (which is also a famous kitesurfing location).
The gang on a dune buggy