Dressing the boat

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Wed 9 Nov 2011 23:30
Every evening the ARC lays on a "sunset rendezvous", which is a get together with a couple of free drinks plus merchandise laid on by local suppliers trying to sell you stuff for the trip.  Today was cheese, sausages and mojitos.  If you don't know what a mojito is, it is a cocktail based on rum, lime and mint.  We have all enjoyed a few mojitos and are now back on Anastasia coming up on creative ideas for "dressing" her.
Dressing a boat basically involves hosting all the flags you have as high as you can.  You have 40 signal flags (a-z, 0-9 and four others) and the convention is that you lay them out in a special sequence.  The special sequence appears to have no meaning aside from proving you can look up the right sequence on the internet, so we are looking to break with tradition and come up with a sentence that uses all the letters and numbers in a meaningful way.  There are four "substitute" flags (sub1, sub2, sub3 and ans) and some numbers look like letters (0 for o) and (6 for r), so we are going with "the1quick2brown3f[sub1]x4j{sub2}mps5[sub3]v[ans]67lazy8d0g9"
Clearly more meaningful.
One other tradition, that people here seem to be ignoring, is that the flags should be tensioned with a champagne bottle hanging from the bowsprit.  We want to follow that tradition, but unfortunately we have thrown away all our empty champagne bottles, so here is a picture of Bertie emptying a champagne bottle to provide the necessary counterweight for tensioning the flags.