We have arrived

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Wed 7 Dec 2011 16:22
14:04.448N 60:56.976W   2911 miles covered
Actually we arrived yesterday at 13:28:30 St Lucia time, but with immigration, ARC check-in, greeting other boats, drinks with our radio net controller Nigel onboard Eleanda and then dinner at Starfish restaurant, I didn't get round to writing anything before we all crashed out for 12 hours.  Anyway, you probably worked out from the ARC website that we had arrived.
In the end we gave up on sailing all the way and did the final 25 miles on the engine.  We made the decision because we were doing 0.8 knots (basically the speed of the current flowing towards St Lucia) and it would have taken more than 24 hours to get here.  Nobody wanted to do another night of just drifting along watching the lights on the island and all the other boats motoring past us.  We had managed to get within mobile phone range of St Lucia, so we reckon it still counts as sailing the whole way without using the engine.
Here are a couple of photos of me and Andrea as we rounded Pigeon Island ten minutes before the finish.
And Bertie and Estella.
And one of Ian, who has now jumped ship to meet up with Denise in her air-conditioned luxury hotel.  (Can't think why, but getting Anastasia's aircon fixed is moving up our priority list.)