Bora Bora

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Tue 15 May 2012 02:05
We arrived in Bora Bora in the afternoon on 10th May and picked up a mooring buoy reserved for us outside the MaiKai yacht club.  We then had two days for final provisioning before our departure on 13th.  Actually the provisioning just consisted of popping into the supermarket one morning.  Mostly our time was spent eating and drinking at the yacht club with the other boats.
On Friday evening we went to the famous restaurant at the southern end of Bora Bora, "Bloody Marys".  It was quite fun, but the food was expensive and the staff positively surly.  We had a table booked for 8pm, which was not available until 8:30 and they started closing the restaurant at 9:45 which meant we were rushed to finish dessert. 
On Saturday we had the fourth Bora Bora dinghy race.  We entered with our inflatable kyak, stabilized with a fender outrigger, towing a "thames barrier" with which to obstruct the other participants and featuring a "pareosailor" to assist with propulsion on the downwind leg of the course.  We also had a bucket containing a bean flour/water slurry as ammunition.  (Bean flour is the stuff you get when the crew are sent out to a supermarket in Gran Canaria to buy plain flour.)
Dinghy race photos are courtesy of Gavin from Sapphire.
Arriving at Bora Bora.
The entrance to Bloody Marys restaurant.
They have waterfalls in the toilets for washing your hands.
Paddling hard in the dinghy race.
Crossing the finish line, Pareosailor flying high.