Crab Cay

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Mon 17 Mar 2014 23:47
26:55.0N 77:35.3W
Not much to say about Crab Cay.  It is a bay that is reasonably sheltered from southerly winds and which supposedly had a good beach for Andrea to forage on.  It turned out to be a “beach” of sun-bleached volcanic rock with sparse sand.  The bay itself was sandy, and a haven for conches, so she did find some good conch shells in the ankle deep water (after discarding dozens with the animals still inside them). I found a rusty old machete on the beach and passed the time splitting open a green coconut.  I threw the machete up at some other coconuts to try and encourage them down, but now it is embedded in a palm frond up the tree.  Well, they say you shouldn’t stand under coconut trees...
m_center of the world rock
On the way to Crab Cay we passed “Center of the World Rock”, which is nowhere near the center of anything.
Spoils from Crab Cay