Guilligan's Island

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Fri 30 May 2014 23:44
17:56.7N 66:52.4W
The locals call Cayo Aurora “Guilligan’s Island” because it looks like the Gilligans Island of the TV series.  It is basically a coral reef that is overgrown with mangroves with seawater channels carved through the center.  It has clear water and a sandy bottom and, at the weekend, tourists come from miles around to just sit in the warm water chatting and cooking food on the barbeque pits.  There is an hourly ferry that brings people from the mainland, but also a procession of small power boats, hobies, kayaks and paddleboards heading to and fro.  We were there on Monday, but unfortunately it was a bank holiday in the US, so the weekend traffic continued and we never got to see the quiet side. 
The island is inundated with small boats at the weekend
We stopped by at the ferry terminal on the mainland for lunch