Getting some chores done

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Tue 24 Apr 2012 08:26
Now we are in Tahiti we have an opportunity for restocking, servicing and repair work.  Today Andrea, Bertie and Estella went to Carrefour and bought a month's worth of wine, beer and soft drinks.  We will do our food provisioning in a couple of days when they have recovered from this outing.
Andrea defrosted the fridges which contained big blocks of ice created from the humid air.  She was throwing the ice overboard until I pointed out that it was a danger to navigation and it would be hard for a passing yacht to convince their insurance company that they were sunk by an iceberg while inside the lagoon in Tahiti.   
Bertie and Estella have been earning their keep (well actually their booze) by cleaning the deck and oiling the teak. 
Tomorrow we are moving to the Yacht Quay in the center of Papeete, which is where the ARC has asked all the boats to assemble for a couple of days.  A few boats are staying at Taina marina because it is where they need to be to get hauled out for repair work.  There is quite a queue for the shipyard so it is fortunate that Anastasia doesn't have any major problems that need her to be lifted out.
Here is Andrea with one of her hazards to navigation.