The Embera indian village

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Thu 26 Jan 2012 03:36
8:54.77N 79:31.68W
Spaces in the marina are in short supply, but being a catamaran with a very shallow draft we managed to get a space on a dock.  I was a bit worried with my handheld depth gauge reading of 1.8 meters at low tide last night, indicating that at the lower low tide today we would be in 1.55 meters of water (with about six inches of water between our hull and the sharp rocks) but we are still afloat so I guess there was enough water to keep us off the bottom.
We were not around to see it because we took the ARC day trip to the Embera indian village, where we swam in a waterfall, ate lake fish and fruit and danced with the indians. 
We have lots of pictures of huts and people dancing, but this one is Andrea's favorite, two young Embera ladies deep in discussion on the river bank.