Sandy Island, Carriacou

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sat 16 Aug 2014 00:37
Apart from a bit of lightning damage we really enjoyed our time at Sandy Island.  At first sight it looks like it will be a rolly anchorage, but the wind, waves and tide all come along the channel from the east, so we had no roll at all in the three days we spent there (which included the thunderstorm).
The chart shows a marine reserve at the western end of the island, but this was destroyed by a hurricane and all we found there was chunks of dead coral.  The eastern end, however, has live coral and a surprising variety of fish.
m_sandy island
Sandy Island anchorage viewed from the Carriacou mainland.
The Sand Diver likes to lie on the bottom and hide.  These are photos of the same fish taken a few seconds apart as it matched its colour to a new location.
Moray eel hiding in a hole in the coral
You don’t often see Spiny Lobsters out during the day
The colourful Scrawled Filefish
The Peacock Flounder hides in the sand and is hard to see until it is swimming