And back to St Lucia

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sat 31 Dec 2011 14:21
14:05.34N 60:57.64W
The trip back was a close reach into 20 knot winds and 2m waves which made it a bit lumpy, with a lot of spray coming over the bows.  We had put one reef in the mainsail, but we left Martinique rather late and did not want to be anchoring in the dark, so did not want to slow down further to reduce the bumps.  Andrea did not enjoy the crossing. 
Bertie and Daniel hooked a fish, but with it being dragged along at 9 knots the waves were tossing it several meters into the air and then it was crashing down into the water and unfortunately the hook pulled out before they could reel it in.  Then I was unpopular because I did not slow down to land it.
We got to Pigeon Island at sunset and into Rodney Bay at dusk.  Right now we are anchored in the bay, waiting to go back into the marina sometime today.