WD40 to the rescue

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sun 9 Oct 2011 22:47
Well, here we are on day 6 of our travels, still not travelling.  The alternators are now scheduled to be fitted on Monday morning, so hopefully we can set off in the afternoon. 
The weather should be better on Monday.  At the moment the Tramontane is howling outside, as it has been for the past three days.  Anastasia is weaving around trying to break away from her moorings.  Yesterday we left her for just one hour to do some shopping and in that time she managed to break one of the bow lines.  We came back to find the port hull barging into the pontoon.  Fortunately Catana have plastic floats on their pontoon, so there was no damage done.  We now have two bow lines on each side just to be safe.
We also discovered on Friday that the wind instruments weren't working.  Apparently these fail quite regularly.  I went up the mast to see if it was just a loose connection or something else that would be simple to fix, and found that the screw-fit connector between the instrument and the cable had come loose.  A liberal spraying with WD40 has restored the wind functions, but I will still have to go up the mast again at some point to tighten the connection up properly.
We were just visited by three French customs officers who went over all our papers.  Fortunately everything was in order.  Andrea thinks they were after the guy who owned Anastasia before us, who she reckons was Russian mafia.  But then she also doesn't think anyone has landed on the moon yet.