Two thirds of the way there

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Thu 15 Mar 2012 01:59
 9:58.1S 121:24.6W  2031 miles covered
We have just passed the two thirds mark, with just over 1000 miles to go.  It has been an fairly uneventful day with everyone lying around relaxing.  (Well Andrea did clean the bathroom as well.)  We took down the Parasailor and put up the asymmetric, which occupied about half an hour of the day.
The fishing lines are out, but no bites yet.  Usually we have to wait until sundown.  We are hoping for a wahoo or mahi mahi because we still have a lot of tuna left in the fridge/freezer.
Stop press!  We went out to switch back to the Parasailor for the night and Andrea noticed that one of the lines was taut.  There was a hefty fish on it, which put up quite a struggle as we hauled it in.  When we landed it it turned out to be a four foot marlin/spearfish (just a baby in marlin terms).  Bertie said that eating marlins is not eco-friendly, so we just took some photos and then let it go.  Getting the hook out of its beak was quite a challenge, with the nasty spike and sharp teeth, but I managed to pull it out with a pair of pliers and then the marlin returned to the ocean.