Full circle

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sat 20 Apr 2013 01:51
14:04.4W 060:57.0W
After all the partying and dinner celebrations in Marigot Bay I expected the “Parade of Sail” back to Rodney Bay to be an anti-climax, but it was actually rather fun.  We formed a line, smallest boat first, and sailed back in single file, doing a circle around Castries harbour and waving to the onlookers on the cruise liners who were probably wondering what on earth was going on.
The entire fleet docked in Rodney Bay marina in record time, because there were drinks by the pool waiting for us.  And after a few rum punches there were about forty fully clothed people splashing around in the swimming pool.
In the evening we had the final dinner and prizegiving ceremony.  Then it was all over.
For the past few days we have been saying goodbye to our World ARC friends, waving them off as they set sail to their different homelands.  Eventually we decided it was time for us to leave as well, although we are not sure exactly where we should be going now.  Andrea fancies trying a new ARC cruising route around Cape Horn, but I am yet to be convinced.  Must be getting old.  
Crossing the finish line after the Parade of Sail
Receiving our plaque, certificates and a bottle of rum