Anastasia's snowdome

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Fri 6 Apr 2012 01:50
8:54.9S 140:05.9W
Our first evening in Nuka Hiva was spent just chilling out.  We found some Tahitian gin and tonic water in a supermarket (the Gordens gin costs $60 a bottle here) and went back to Anastasia to see how it compared with "real" gin.  It is a cross between gin and ouzo but quite drinkable after a couple.  
The chilling out evolved into defrosting the icemaker, at which point Bertie discovered that sticking your face in the ice bucket and blowing the snow around feels like snow in your face when skiing.  Here is Andrea "skiing" with Bertie throwing more snow at her to enhance the experience.  Sapphire may have a snooker table and Ensemble a tennis court but only Anastasia has a snowdome.