Doctor at Sea

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sun 27 Nov 2011 22:28
17:52.5N 034:42.3W  1333 miles covered
This afternoon Andrea took the five stitches out of my finger using scalpel and tweezers.  No slip ups despite the rolling boat.  Actually no pain at all.
This morning a yacht called Voahangy appeared on our AIS.  Voahangy was our next door neighbor for two weeks in Gran Canaria.  They called us on the radio and we talked about the wind and fishing.  They caught "one big mahi mahi and one the right size for eating".  Does the meat get tough or something if they are too big?  They also had a marlin but it escaped with the line.
Andrea rustled up a three course Italian tonight.  The starter was just breadsticks and olives but we reckon it will still count in the daily culinary one-upmanship of the radio net.  The tiramisu was a work of art, given she had no Tia Maria and had to substitute a concoction of rum, coffee and Banyuls.
Bertie spent the afternoon making a card for Estella/s birthday on Tuesday.  He could have got one in Gran Canaria but it would have been in Spanish and might easily have said "sorry for the loss of your dog" or something similar.