Flying fish

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Thu 24 Nov 2011 18:09
20:43.1N 025:51.5W
At 3am last night there was a wind shift and I asked the crew to bring the Parasailor down, hoist the mainsail and unfurl the genoa.  Not the most popular request, but the alternative was to spend the night going due west and the gribs said that way was a lack of wind. So now we are heading south westerly trying to avoid a big trough in the middle of the Atlantic that is sucking up all the winds in the area.
Sunny emailed a request for pictures of whales and giant squid.  We will do our best.  We did find a baby squid on the deck on our way down to the Canaries, but it by the time we found it it was not very picturesque.  Hopefully we can snap the whales and giant squid in their natural habitat and not lying on the deck.
Meanwhile, here is a photo of last nights visitor.  We threw it back, but I am afraid it was already quite stiff.  Probably stiff with indignation at having Andrea zoom it around like a fighter plane.
Estella want's her mum to know that, despite being allowed to roam free, she has not fallen overboard yet.  We do make sure she wears her man overboard radio tag so we will know the instant she goes over.  (Joking aside, there is a 2 metre swell most of the time now, so it is lifejackets for everyone whenever on deck, plus MOB tags at night.) 
It has been a pleasant day, with warm breezes and periods of sunshine between scattered clouds.