Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Thu 23 Feb 2012 04:11
0:57.8S 90:57.7W
On Tuesday we sailed from Floreana to Isabela.  We did actually manage to sail most of the way, which was a refreshing change, even if it did take most of the day to cover the 40 miles.
We didn't see any sealions as we sailed into the bay and so we were lazy and did not erect the usual network of chairs and ropes.  Obviously that meant that a sealion took up residence as soon as it got dark.  It was a tenacious little beast and I had to shoo it off using a chair to avoid getting bitten.
Isabela has a very sheltered anchorage in a lagoon surrounded by reefs.  Here is a shot of a neighboring yacht, as the sun sinks over the western end of Isabela.