First the tooth, then the dinghy then the generator

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Fri 8 Feb 2019 21:21
We are now in Bequia, preparing for the hop to St Lucia.  We were going to take it easy, to arrive in St Lucia for 19th, which is when our friends Ian and Denise arrive.  Unfortunately Andrea broke a tooth in Carriacou on some of “Lucky’s” fried chicken and so we booked her in at a dentist in Rodney bay on 15th.  Still plenty of time, except...
We checked in to St Vincent and the Grenadines at Union Island, which is just 5 miles from Carriacou.  Then we chilled out on the foredeck, watching the kite surfers showing off for the crowd on Happy Island.
The chilling out came to an end when Andrea pointed out that water was pouring out of part of the dinghy that should be filled with air.
So, we decided to hurry up and get to St Lucia so we could get the dinghy fixed.
Next day we moved up to Saltwhistle Bay and ate Red Snapper at the Coconut Shack on the beach.
The fish was excellent and, as you can see, the table was about as close to the sea as you can get.
The view from our table.  Anastasia in prime position.  Good job the wind did not change, our anchor is pretty much on the beach.  Still, it is all sand if we did touch bottom.
Spot the swordfish.  Yes, that is its tail sticking up on one side of the boat and the sword on the other.
We left Mayreau this morning and sailed up to Bequia.  We were going to make water on the way, until the port engine room smoke alarm went off accompanied by a burning smell.  The generator had boiled off all its water and overheated.  I changed the impeller recently, the water strainer is clear and the fan belt looks fine, so this may not be a trivial fix.  I will take a look at it when the engine room is not filled with smoke and hot as hell.