Back in Soufriere bay

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Thu 22 Dec 2011 23:35
13:51.43N 61:03.75W
With a good wind angle for the return trip from Soufriere we averaged about 10 knots and got back just before dark, to anchor off the shore by the Hummingbird restaurant.  We had some help with the shoreline from a water taxi, who then got upset when I told them we had already arranged the previous day with another water taxi to go sightseeing.  The driver said he was upset because it is the taxi that helps you moor that should get your custom.  I told him I was upset because I just wanted to moor and did not want any hassle from him, so he should take the customary 15 EC fee and go away.  In the end I lost  my temper and shouted at him and he did go away, but Bertie reckoned he would be back in the night to cut our lines.
We took Daniel to the Hummingbird for his first dinner on the island.  Before we left Anastasia we put up our Christmas lights, partly to be festive and partly because they light up the deck and we thought it would deter the taxi driver with a grudge, or anyone else who thought about some petty theft.
It was dark and raining by the time we got to the dinghy dock, but even so a figure materialized from the darkness to help us tie up and point out the gaping holes in the dock planking to be avoided.  He wanted 30 EC for helping, which was just trying it on.  I gave him 15 EC, which I had to borrow from our waitress because I had run out of change.  It is quite a challenge always having 10 or 15 EC spare in your pocket to pay for minor services rendered.
We didn't get our lines cut, but we did get eaten by mosquitoes during the night.  The Hummingbird anchorage is just too near to shore to get away from the insects.  We are going to move in the morning.