Just one more day

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Tue 20 Mar 2012 04:54
9:03.8S 134:21.7W  2832 miles covered, 270 miles to go 
Today was a good sailing day, with winds of 14 to 16 knots.  If this continues then we should see Hiva Oa in about 36 hours, which would be around 6 am on the 21st. 
We have had the fishing lines out for a couple of days, but the fish are not biting.  It might be that we have been going too slowly for them to be fooled by Jezebel.
With the lighter winds we have been having, we are gradually losing ground.  Today Serendipity overtook us.  We tried a couple of different sail configurations but nothing was good enough to hold them off.  Wind Dancer are somewhere close by as well.  They have ripped their spinnaker so we really should be able to stay ahead of them, but they are still doing really well with their white sails.  There is also a Russian boat, Royal Leopard, which does not report their position in the daily radio net, but our spy (Estella's mum) tells us they are close by too.  Come on wind, blow a bit harder.