Thursday Island and Horn Island

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Fri 24 Aug 2012 08:56
10:35.6S 142:14.5E
The ARC rendezvous was arranged to be in a hotel on Thursday Island, but for better shelter from the wind we (and the rest of the ARC fleet) chose to anchor off Horn Island and take the ferry across the channel to neighbouring Thursday Island.  Actually we took our tender over to Thursday Island just because it was more fun, if a bit wetter.
Another reason to anchor off Horn was that Karsten (Gunvor XL) had invited everyone to his birthday party at the hotel there, and if we had anchored at TI it would have meant taking the tender across the channel in the dark.  Karsten's party was a boisterous affair, with everyone letting off some steam before the passage to Darwin.  We did stop partying relatively early (about 11pm) to get a good nights sleep before the next few days of sailing.
No photos from Thursday Island, so here is a picture of a whale we saw on the way up to TI.