Snorkelling on Royal Island

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Thu 10 Apr 2014 15:57
The north-east shore of Royal Island is protected by a barrier reef extending up from Eleuthera.  There is a vast area of shallow water with coral formations that are still fairly alive.  Andrea and I walked across the island from the harbour, with our snorkel gear, and swam along the shore.
There were a lot of glass bottles thrown into the water off the island and, being the glass enthusiast, Andrea got quite excited with some of them. 
The Pertussin bottle is a 50’s medicine bottle.  The base of the black glass bottle is an eighteenth century hand blown wine (or pirate rum) bottle 
This sea hare is about 8 inches long.  It looks like someone doodled on its back with a pen.
Some of the sea urchins are a vivid red colour
A pair of French Angelfish
The vivid colours of the juvenile Queen Angelfish
The Spotted Trunkfish likes areas of coral surrounded with seagrass