Clarence Town

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Mon 5 May 2014 17:29
23:06.13N 74:56.94W
Clarence Town is on the southern end of Long Island.  We did not originally plan on heading down here because conventional wisdom has it that this is heading too far south too quickly.  The recommended approach when taking the Thorny Path to Windward is “go north to go south”, using passing cold fronts that “clock” the trade winds around.  However, the grib files indicate that the next front is going to just stall the wind rather than turn it right around.  With a prediction of still air and flat seas it makes sense to go south early and minimize the distance we have to motor when the wind dies. 
So here we are in Clarence town.  It is a sleepy place with few tourists.  Our trip to the supermarket was literally fruitless.  We picked up some eggs, but they do not stock any fresh food (apart from potatoes and onions) and the bread would not come in until Sunday morning.
Despite its small population Clarence Town has both an Anglican and a Catholic church.  They are similar in appearance, which is perhaps not surprising because Father Jerome, the man who built the Anglican church, went on to become a wagon train driver, monk, missionary, horse breeder and finally Catholic priest and so returned to build the second church.
The Flying Fish marina here is being renovated and looks like it will be a very nice place when it is finished.  They had a “Cinco de Mayo” celebration on Saturday, which happened to be my birthday.  Sorry we forgot to take the camera, so no pictures of us drinking tequila shots with the marina staff dressed in their mexican gear.
The catholic church
Sheep grazing on the Queens Highway, the main road through town.