Birthday and departure

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Wed 15 Oct 2014 20:16
12:19.8N 64:01.4W
It was Andrea’s birthday on the 13th.  What better way to celebrate than to head over to the IGA supermarket to provision for our next voyage.  Well, in the evening we also went out to The Cave House restaurant with Marty and Lisa (True Colors) and Niels and Rowena (Krow).  The Cave House is a beautiful restaurant, dug into the side of the hill overlooking Mount Hartman Bay.  Excellent food and wine in a sophisticated setting, a good place to go for a special occasion.  
We left Grenada in the afternoon of 14th October.  A bit sad to leave the friends we made behind, but nice to be sailing again.
The plan is to cover the 430 miles to Curacao by 17th, although hurricane Gonzalo has affected the wind along the Venezuela coast and currently we have an unusually gentle breeze.  The first day brought 9 to 11 knots (wind speed not boat speed) so we only managed to cover 130 miles.  If this keeps up then it will be a race to see whether we arrive before Rebecca and Algy’s flight lands (13:25 on the 18th).
Just before the green flash