A short visit to Martinique

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Fri 30 Dec 2011 13:08
14:30.34N 61:05.31W
Following the unpleasantness in Soufriere we moved on to Marigot Bay, which is a pretty anchorage not far from the capital Castries.  We dined at the Rainforest Hideaway, "the most romantic setting in the Caribbean".  The food was excellent and the setting was beautiful (underwater lit lagoon with big fish swimming around) but obviously not breathtaking like the Dasheen. 
The next day we were getting itchy feet and so we decided to go for a quick visit to Martinique.  We sailed up to Rodney Bay in the evening, I checked out with immigration the following morning and we got away about 11 am.  The crossing was exhilarating and it only took about three hours to cover the 30 miles to Fort de France.
Martinique is totally different from St Lucia.  Much more developed, better roads, shops stocked from France.  The kids had a trip to the Galleria and thought it was wonderful.  We went to the big Carrefour which was just like any anywhere else.  It had a very limited choice in bread mixes, so Andrea was not impressed. 
The anchorage near the town was not very pleasant and so we moved into a sheltered bay nearby where there were turtles swimming round the boats (and a nice lobster restaurant for lunch).