South Atlantic - Days 9/10

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Wed 16 Jan 2013 17:41
Yesterday morning we saw out first sail on the horizon, Trompeta.  In the radio net Jane had been talking about making mince pies for Peter and we jokingly talked about her throwing some overboard for us to pick up.  Jane took it to heart, baked a fresh batch and attached them to some old rope and plastic bottles and dropped them in the water.  After a bit of fun retrieving the package we had newly baked mince pies with our afternoon tea.  Thank you Jane!
During Andrea’s night watch (21:00 to 24:00) we came across three more boats, Matilda and Peat Smoke, plus one other that we think was Juba (who does not have AIS to identify them).  It is nice to actually have some boat lights to see at night, rather than spending your watch staring at inky blackness. 
The wind remains light so we are still tucked in to the tail end of the fleet, but the good news is that we will definitely get to St Helena in time for the yacht club “bring and brai” on Thursday evening.  And the advantage of going slowly is that we will arrive some time after daybreak, so no need to anchor in an unfamiliar location in the dark.
Leaving Cape Town, frisky conditions as wind blows down from the mountain
A classic sunrise
Jane waving from Trompeta, after the mince pie exchange