Brewers Bay

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Mon 30 Mar 2015 01:17
18:20.5N 64:58.8W
When you get fed up with the choppy water in the Charlotte Amalie harbour, and Honeymoon Bay is just too crowded, then head over past the airport into the bay tucked behind the runway, Brewers Bay.  It is not as noisy as you might expect from its proximity to the airport, and much calmer than most anchorages in this area. 
We took the opportunity to do some work on some gelcoat cracks on the bows, but there was also time for Andrea to play with her paddleboard spinnaker.
The bay has plenty of turtles to keep you company and we were also visited by a family of dolphins - mum, dad and baby. 
I hopped in the water and started making squeaking noises to see if they would come over.  The big male came swimming directly towards me, at which point I belatedly started considering our relative sizes and swimming abilities, and the possibility that what I was squeaking might be offensive in dolphin language.  I was relieved when he just stopped a few feet away, looked me over, and then moved on.
Andrea with the downwind sail up
The male dolphin checking me out