Reunion to South Africa - Day 6

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Fri 9 Nov 2012 17:53
27:45.0S 034:51.5E  1260 miles covered, 160 to go
Today has been a gentle sailing day, just enough wind to keep us moving without turning on the engine, at around six knots.  It has been sunny and everyone has taken the opportunity to catch some rays.
Speaking of catching things, we caught a Dorado today.  In fact we thought we had caught two at the same time, one on each line, until we reeled in the first one and saw that it had managed to take both lures at once.  But even with two hooks in its mouth I managed to mess up the landing and it got away before Daniel could gaff hook it.  It is a good job it was not a coveted tuna on the line or Daniel and Andrea would have shoved me in to swim after it.
My plan of staying north and waiting for the wind to change backfired somewhat because the wind shift was several hours late and now the wind angle is wrong for heading straight to Richards Bay.  We will probably have to head over to the coast and then use a spinnaker to work our way down.  It is tempting to head over to the dreaded Agulhas current and use it to boost us down to Richards Bay.