Christmas Cove

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Thu 5 Mar 2015 02:13
18:18.4N 64:50.0W
Christmas Cove is a bay between St Thomas and St John, right next to Current Cut.  In the past we have always headed directly from one island to the other, but this time the bay looked so inviting that we decided to stop for the night.  The mooring balls here are free and in the end we stayed for three days, enjoying the sheltered clear water.  There are no restaurants, but this is the home of “Pizza Pi” (a boat with a built-in pizza oven) so Andrea didn’t have to cook dinner every night.
We took advantage of the clear water to do some bottom scrubbing.
The Coppercoat keeps the main hull down to a short green fuzz, but the engine water intakes grow coral gardens
Rubbing off the green fuzz displaces millions of tiny shrimp, which clump together all over your body.
They might be nice if fried in oil, but not so nice when swarming in your belly button.