Wind instruments...

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Thu 17 Nov 2011 00:51
... have arrived!  Hooray.  All we have to do now is install them.  Up the mast tomorrow.
Ian, our fifth and final crew member also arrived, just in time to get dressed for the ARC costume party, where the theme was "cartoon characters". 
We did not have a specific yacht theme, preferring to go as individual cartoon characters.  That meant we did not have a chance of beating the 101 (=8) Dalmations for the crew prize, but we thought Bertie's Duff Man or Andrea's "Hit Woman" (grown up Hit Girl - see Kick Ass the Movie) were in with a good chance for the individual.  How Zorro (the winner) is a cartoon character we have no idea.
We took Popeye (Ian) out for a bag of chips and tin of spinach at the local kebab shop, just to get him in the party mood.
Andrea would like to draw Sonya and Eva's attention to the pink wig they were sold at University of Hertfordshire, which actually came in useful, against all the odds.